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Best for Hobbyist

MH series
MH series can cover all growing stages including seedling, genetics, propagation, vegetation and flowering with compact design which can apply to more crop with uniform PPFD distribution. MH is the best choice for hobbyist new to LED grow light. Growers can access to the power and size which is best for their cultivation.
Models MH660A FSG 26 D1 XXXXX, MH660A FSM 24 D1 XXXXX, MH480A FSG 26 D1 XXXXX, MH480A FSM 24 D1 XXXXX, and MH170A FSG 26 D1 XXXXX are DLC qualified. Not all product variations listed on this page are DLC qualified. Visit www.designlight.org/search to confirm qualification.
MG8 660W

MG8 660W

With the most popular 660 watt driver, MG8 is a cost and efficiency balance model which helps new beginners and pros to achieve ideal cultivation result.

Product Data

PPF (μmol/s): 1650 / 1848
Power consumption (watts): 660W
Electrical efficiency (μmol/J): 2.5 / 2.8
US: 43.0” L x 42.7” W x 2.8” H | 24.3 lbs
Metric: 1093 mm L x 1085 mm W x 72 mm H | 11.0 kg
*Power Supply Included
Spectrum: FSM,FSG
MG8 720W

MG8 720W

MG8 720 watt is a powerful indoor lighting source for most growing environment and supplementary CO2 is recommended.

Product Data

PPF (μmol/s): 1800 / 1944
Power consumption (watts): 720W
Electrical efficiency (μmol/J): 2.5 / 2.7
US: 47.0” L x 47.0” W x 2.8” H | 26.9 lbs
Metric: 1193 mm L x 1193 mm W x 72 mm H | 12.2 kg
*Power Supply Included
Spectrum: FSM,FSG

360° 3D display


With the flourishing of indoor horticulture industry, illumination solutions are gradually upgraded. MG8 which balance the cost and efficiency is now a optimal choice for most new beginners and pros. Sleek design and foldable structure with no moving parts, easy to installation and use. Built-in dimming knob and dimming daisy-chain ports are both available.

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